Monthly Archives: March 2011


Each semester, students in Professor Don Lewis’s entrepreneurship classes at Texas A&M University work on Practical Knowledge Topic projects relevant to small business.  These projects range from book reviews to reports on insurance, corporate tax, and credit scores.  The compilation of these resources provides an excellent foundation to small business education that is beneficial to students, existing business owners, and those interested in pursuing new ventures.

The information found on this website is the work of a multitude of students over several years.  It will continually be updated to include new projects, updated information, and additional resources.   Each topic is the product of student research and works cited are listed at the bottom of each specific topic.

The information provided on the website is copyright 2010 of the students who produced the work and Don Lewis.  It is provided for the benefit of former students and business owners.  Unlawful use of this information is prohibited.