Brandon Stewart

Branndon Stewart Biography

• Branndon Stewart was born in Ft. Worth, TX on October 23, 1973.

• He graduated from Stephenville High School and went to the University of Tennessee to play football for one year before transferring to Texas A&M University.

• He played quarterback for Texas A&M and led the Aggies to a Big XII Championship and their only BCS bowl appearance to date.

• After graduating from A&M, Stewart went on to be a vital part of several entrepreneurial ventures centered around marketing and technology.

• Manager, Technical Marketing and Sales Enablement of Motive, Inc. from 1999 – 2003 (4 years).

• Director of Product Marketing for Troux Technologies from 2003-2006.

• Director of Product Marketing for Borland Software Corporation from 2006-2007.

• Senior Director of Marketing for InnovaWave (now Hyper9) from 2007-2008.

• Director of Marketing for Boundless Network from 2008-2010.

• VP of Marketing for Promo Labs presently. Promo Labs was founded in 2010 to provide marketing and sales tools to promotional product distributors. Promotional products- articles such as shirts, hats, etc. given away to help promote a business. The merchandise will have the company’s name or logo.

– Goal is to make sales easier and more automated.

– Clients range from “Mom and Pop” stores to Fortune 500 companies.

– Promo Labs provides email marketing, ecommerce, and help with writing and creating proposals

Contact Information

Work #: (512) 782-9983
Cell #: (512) 632-2946

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