Chef Tai Lee

Chef Tai was born in the year 1979 in Seoul, South Korea. His grandparents came to the United States of America in 1987. As a young child he saw America as a land of opportunity and a place to study. In 1993 Tai came to the United States with the condition that his grandfather would send him back to Korea if he did not keep his grades up.
In 1998 he started college at Texas A&M as an Electrical Engineering major. After his first semester, he soon realized that engineering was not for him and decided to pursue a Business degree instead. He started as an Accounting major, but after speaking with professors about where all the big money was he switched to Finance. Graduating in 2002 with a degree in Finance, Tai had learned all the essentials of how a corporation operates. His family was very proud of him as he headed off to a good job, however, fate had different things in store for Tai.
A professor by the name of Steven Carr told young Tai that he had a good balance of dictatorship and leadership in him, and that he should start his own business. With that stirring advice, he turned down his job offer, and thus his father’s approval. Seeking experience and knowledge he went to work for Panda Restaurant Group Incorporated. Soon after he opened his first restaurant named Veritas Wine and Bistro. With the success of Veritas, and an unyielding fervor, Tai decided to start Chef Tai’s Mobile Bistro in 2010. Not knowing what was to come he entered The Great Food Truck Race, and the battle was on for America’s Favorite Food Truck! In the end, he won the race with a tremendous amount of support from the Aggie community. Chef Tai is happily married and has a young son; they all reside here in College Station. What future lies in store for him? Only time will tell.

Chef Tai Lee Contact Info:
Cell: (979) 575-4207 Veritas Store: (979) 268-3251 Fax: (979) 268-4349 Email:
Store Address: 830 University Drive Suite 400 College Station, TX 77840

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