Larry Hodges

Larry Hodges

Larry Hodges is a founder and owner of Copy Corner- one of College Station’s most recognizable names in copying and duplicating business services. Hodges also owns multiple Double Dave’s restaurants, located from College Station to the outskirts of Houston. Originally from Houston, Hodges graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Finance in 1989. Prior to graduating, Hodges opened Copy Corner in the summer of 1988 with two other Aggies. Since its humble beginnings of renting old equipment, Copy Corner has expanded greatly. Copy Corner has received several awards for the excellent service it consistently offers to customers and for the role Copy Corner plays in the community.
In 1998, the founder of Double Dave’s was looking for someone to improve the playing field in the College Station area. After altering Double Dave’s presence in College Station by opening and closing stores, Hodges helped double annual sales. This past season, Double Dave’s pizza rolls were sold at Texas A&M Athletic events.
Hodges is a member of the Chamber of Commerce Board and was the Chairman for the Research Valley Partnership. He stresses the importance of giving back to the community. Hodges has two children, enjoys exercising, and lives in College Station.

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