Tom Murrah

Guest Speaker: Tom Murrah

Tom Murrah is one of the Directors at Jefferson Bank, which is located in San Antonio, Texas. Jefferson Bank is a family owned bank that was founded by a group of businessmen after World War II. The Bank has grown to over $68 million and is currently the 3rd largest bank in the San Antonio area.
Tom Murrah is a fellow Aggie, who was a part of the corps. He was a finance major and accounting minor here at Texas A&M University. After he graduated, he went to work for Arthur Anderson for a few years and then went into service for 3 years. After serving his country, he received his graduate degree at Harvard University, and then he went to work for a bank in Houston. He then landed a position at Jefferson Bank, where he has been on the board of directors for 20 years.
Mr. Murrah is a fascinating man, and we are so fortunate to have had him as our guest speaker! His contact information is below.

Tom Murrah’s Contact Information:
Post Office Box 5190
San Antonio, TX 7801-0190

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